It is possible to turn your life around from burn out to thriving in less than 2 months?

I was truly blessed to meet Zoe at the start of last lockdown and less than 2 months later Zoe asked if I would be happy for her to share her story.  Of course I said yes!

This is Zoe’s feedback and I promise I haven’t changed a word.

Zoe’s Story

I couldn’t recommend Esther more.

I approached Esther, through recommendation, after months of pushing myself too hard, burning out and consequently ending up in a&e from an extreme panic attack. Safe to say I was feeling shell-shocked and knew it was time for a drastic change for the sake of my mental health.

Thank you, Esther, for helping me find the confidence to be completely honest with myself and my needs, and to apply this to my life. You have helped me conquer my fear that I need to constantly be ‘productive’ and have other’s approval in order to feel validated. I now know I am already valid just as I am, and that I can be a lot happier by acknowledging and following my intuition. Whilst my intuition was always there, it was being drowned by anxiety and fear.

Esther helps you to tackle this negativity through realistic planning that make your dreams attainable. Esther’s guidance gave me the courage to leave a job that was making me desperately unhappy, without a feeling of guilt or failure, and pursue a field that I know is unforgivably me.

I can’t tell you how happy this has made me, and I am now confident about an exciting future rather than questioning if I can carry on and dreading each day. I now have a keener sense of what brings me joy and as a result have managed to get back into creative hobbies that I previously could not muster the energy to do. I now wake up with the feelings that LIFE IS GOOD and I CAN DO THIS!!

All in all, there is not much I can say that will properly convey the impact you have had on my life, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

To anyone feeling doubtful – send an enquiry now! Don’t worry if you are not local (I am from Bristol), as I had all my sessions through Zoom.

Esther is a genuine person with life experience who has a skill to put you instantly at ease and feel safe. This is a skill that can’t be learned, she just naturally has it. Her approach is very personalised, and you can tell she truly cares. I actually looked forward to the sessions due to the sense of calm and inspiration boost they gave me.

This is very unlike my previous therapy experiences, where you have to wait for months whilst you get worse and leave sessions feeling drained.

So choose happiness!