Starting the day with a whistle!

The first week of December 2020 my boiler broke just as the weather turned cold and P the Plumber came to my rescue.

Friday he visited to access the situation on his way home from the golf course, armed with electric heaters he confirmed that he would return on Monday at 09.00am with a swanky new boiler.

He was true to his word and arrived promptly whistling and happy to be at work.

Throughout he sang, drank tea and we chatted and he openly and pleasantly inspired me with his story.   There were many fun stories but the one I want to share with you is as follows.

Born and raised in a Gloucestershire village, I would estimate the P is close to retirement but certainly has no intentions of doing so.  P left school unable to read or write and his education had the attitude of well you will be working in a factory so there is little point.

He travelled and worked abroad doing manual work.  Then at 40 years old he went to College to attain his GCSE’s in Maths and English and discovered he is dyslexic.  Following on from this he completed a HNC and then a Degree in Business.  All of this whilst working full time and at no point asked for admiration just a life is what you make it attitude.

P then decided to become a Plumber, set up his own successful company where he has several employees and a healthy turnover.

He has his life in balance, living in a beautiful part of the world, playing sport, dancing and plays in a band, not to mention plays golf as and when he chooses.  His energy and lust for life is infectious but I have the sneaky suspicion this might not have always been the case and he had the determination and drive to make this happen.

I asked if I could share part of his story and he said absolutely and if anyone wants to chat he is more than happy to, just let me know and I can put you in touch.

The reason that I am sharing this story is that you might be at a crossroads in life, you might be uncertain of your future?  If this is the case then I hope that P’s story inspires you, it is never too late, you can take control and you can redesign your future to live a life that makes you whistle.

Every morning and evening begins and ends with a walk amongst the cows.

Although making me dance a football celebration in the garden once my new boiler was successfully installed was a new experience for me it was also unforgettable.

It was an inspiration to meet someone who loves their work and living life to the full.