Support Provided

Master your emotions 

Stress, anxiety and depression will hold you back from success.

Your negative emotions are sending you signals that all is not right, it's time to listen and take action.

At Gym for the Mind you will master your emotions, increase confidence, gain empowerment and create the life you want.

Take control and arrange a mental health check, be proactive, be resilient!


Exam Stress

"Learning is an emotional business" - ..... Antonio Damasio

If your out of control stress levels impact your performance when you sit an exam or make that all important presentation it can be devastating to your results but most importantly your self esteem.

You have done all the hard work, gone to the lessons studied hard and then when it matters most all of the facts vanish and you spend the exam time in a panic not being able to remember anything!  Heart pounding, palms sweating, head spinning and feeling sick, if you need to stop this from happening then please get in touch as I can share with you the tools to be in control.


If you want to stay calm under pressure, understand why you react the way that you do and learn the secrets to stay in control and maybe even enable you to even enjoy the exam.

(Exam process + study plan + stay calm and in control) = an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge and get the results you deserve.

The tools that you will learn will last you a lifetime and will no doubt protect you through your life as you will know how to manage your stress and perform under pressure.

Off to uni?

Got the grades, got the place and off to uni?  Congratulations! 

Before you go are you equipped to emotionally manage with the pressure? Are you experienced in looking after yourself, combining the all important socialising and studying?  First time living away from home can be daunting and it is vital to learn the tools to recognise signs of distress in the early stages and grasp control with some simple techniques to ensure you enjoy and get the most from your further education.

This is an investment in you, your education, your future, your success and happiness look after yourself emotionally to ensure you perform at your personal best.

Career Development

Engaged in your work? Excited and full filled? Love Monday mornings? Challenged?

Or are you:

  • Sleeping at work
  • Disengaged
  • Bored
  • Confused about your next step

Time to explore a completely new career direction

If you struggle with your nerves when delivering presentations, interviews or networking then in just a few sessions you will master the tools to stay cool, calm and collected.



Stretched not Stressed is key

We spend so much time at work so it is essential to be happy, challenged and feel as though you are achieving and a valued contribution of something bigger.

No longer are we expected to stay in the same job until retirement, most of us will experience several careers in our lifetime which could be a struggle or exciting?

At Gym for the Mind you will have the confidential space to re-discover yourself, dream a little, explore all possibilities with the professional support to prepare you and make those important changes to take your next step to a happier future.

Broaden your personal and professional horizon, identify your brand and create your future opportunities to get the life you want.

Facing redundancy?

How dare they!  Redundancy can unleash an abundance of emotions whether it was what you wished for or feared by adjusting your mindset you can ride through the emotional roller coaster to acceptance and smoothly move on to your next opportunity. 

Your objective might be find another job and fast or to take some time and explore all opportunities.  At Gym for the Mind you get to make the decisions with the support to explore, engage logically and put your best self forward for whatever path you decide to take.


Returning from maternity?

Returning to work post baby can be really daunting for so many reasons, managing childcare, emotions, guilt, teething whilst you return to an office that appears to have changed and moved on!    Gym for the Mind is here to support you with that transition back into the workplace so that you can be more in control because for it to all work it is essential to first look after you.


Confidence Coaching

Discover your sparkle

We all invest in our appearance, homes and cars but if you are not investing in your soul then happiness will be hard to come by.

If we have limiting negative beliefs about ourselves or the world in which we live they will limit our growth and progress in how we live and love. 

When you are truly confident it radiates from within you, it is just there and people feel and see it and want to be with you.  It is far different from cockiness or brash behaviour you do not change the way you act it just organically happens by changing the way you feel.

Banish limiting negative thoughts this is by far the best gift you can give yourself because when you have true inner confidence everything just falls into place and magic happens!

Kick those negative thoughts out of the window as they no longer serve you - it is time to be your  own best friend!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ~ Dr. Seuss


Couples Coaching


Ways we can work with you

One to One sessions

Face to face 1 hour sessions, choose from:

Stroud, Gloucestershire

Newbury, Berkshire

FaceTime or Zoom

Your investment into your mental health is essential to your wellbeing so please contact to discuss a plan to suit you and your budget.

If you are ready to commit to your health, improve your relationships and grasp success then do not hesitate to make contact today and start working towards a happier you.



Stress Management and Exam Success

If learning and developing in a small interactive group is more suited to you then do not hesitate to get in touch.  These workshops can be held at Gym for the Mind or at your workplace or school and can be adapted to suit your audience and meet your needs.

Your future self will thank you for taking the first step