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Gym for the Mind provides you with the tools to remain calm, confident and in control of your emotions, your life, your happiness and success.

"Esther helped me 'tool up' for life, and what a fabulous and happy life it is now"


How we can help you

Stress Management

From Stress to Success Learn the life skills to manage under pressure, eliminate anxiety, depression, panic & anger so you can be in control of your emotions, relationships, happiness and success!

Exam Success

Do not let academic anxiety stop you from performing at your best. Learn to keep calm so you can demonstrate just how good you are when it matters the most. Life skills for your future success.

Career Development

Not fulfilling your potential? Redundancy? Maternity? Want a promotion? Or maybe you want a fresh career challenge? Whatever your reason for change you can confidentially plan your next move.

Confidence Coaching

When you have inner confidence you will naturally shine from within. It is not about the face you portray but how you truly feel - magic! Be your own best friend and learn to love being you.

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