Anxiety is not the enemy – learn to work with it not against it!

Anxiety is your friend, honest!

Anxiety is not the enemy instead it is your friend, anxiety is sending you a message and it’s time to stop and listen to what it has to say!

Does anxiety stop you from thinking, hearing, talking, doing things logically? Does it occur at random times or when you can least deal with it? When it occurs does it stop you in your tracks with your heart racing so fast it becomes hard to breathe, knotting of the stomach, feeling sick you are no longer thinking straight, life has stopped still and you are just in a blind panic?

It’s really scary and can be life deliberating and completely exhausting.

When you find yourself anxious about being anxious then its time to hit the breaks!

Emotions are continuously sending messages and rather like hunger pains anxiety is sending you a signal that something is wrong, something is missing and it could be dangerous, life threatening and it needs bringing to your attention immediately.

It is not logical it does not have time to be rational it just needs to keep you alive so it hits the panic button so you can react fast, whether you will fight, flight or freeze to avoid danger.

It is important that we do not switch off anxiety completely because who knows one day that red bus might be heading straight for us and we do need to panic and act quickly but equally it is important to be able to manage anxiety so if it is not life threatening we can manage it.

Now this is not about mind over matter, or strength of character it is about your brain recognising something that once caused illease such as a name, a sound, a smell or a feeling it does not have time to be rational it just hits the panic button.  This is why after the event you cannot understand why it happened, sadly your logic was absent.

Over thinking is often a common complaint alongside anxiety when the mind just does not switch off with worries just going around and around.

Taking control is key, to start moving towards solutions, understanding and to no longer fear your emotions including anxiety is paramount.

In the first session the understanding of the ‘why’ eliminates the fear. Grounding, simple breathing techniques allow control to apply the breaks.

Then the ability to engage your logical mind allows you be in the drivers seat so you can decide whether the anxiety is warning you of a significant danger (we don’t want to switch it off completely) or if it is something which can be rationalised.

Take control understand your emotions, unite and work with them, they are your friend.

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