Taking a learning from the old and moving on and embracing the new

This is such an emotional picture for me, it makes me both happy and sad, it is our last ‘old life’ photo where my son is gently sorting out my trapped hair. It is not a clear photo but it triggers a distinct memory.

It was my birthday weekend in Amsterdam 18 months ago, a bucket list adventure visiting my great grandparents home town. We were oblivious of what lay ahead and had an amazing, special memory making time.

Our son fell ill on the way home with glandular fever and he has not recovered properly since as the knock on has been CFS.

Nothing can prepare you for seeing your child in pain for so long and it
has been the hardest challenge emotionally, physically and financially where fear and what if thoughts has often stopped us in our tracks.

We have dug deep, taken control, re evaluated our lives and made the necessary changes to manage and ensure his needs are met.

Sometimes I still grieve for our old active life but mainly I feel calm and content because I know we have overcome this. Loads of good has bizarrely come out of our situation too and I hold onto this and remind myself how lucky we are and to be grateful for our family and our tenacity, I truly believe our lives are better for the experience.

My life is not perfect but with the right mindset I can make it a blimin good one and be happy!

Make the most of today, seize opportunities, create memories because you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

Our last day of our old life

Our last day of our old life