The Menopause Attitude

The menopause and your mental health

The menopause can raise questions such as who am I and what is my purpose? Questioning our future can raise feelings of insecurity which trigger damaging emotions such as anxiety and depression, ensuring the whole experience is unnecessarily painful and drawn out.

There is no doubt that during this transition our relationships, career and role in life becomes questionable and you owe it to your future self to hit the pause button, reflect and plan the latter years of your life with an air of excitement.

By taking control of your mindset you will immediately release unnecessary stresses and start to feel more enjoyable feelings, sound good? As the external demands put upon you start to dwindle you will have the time, energy and focus to take up forgotten or new hobbies, possibly sign up for that training course that is interesting rather than to benefit your career path, travel and just do whatever it is you have been putting off for all these years.

As you shake off past constraints your confidence will thank you as your life grows and expands, you just need to give yourself permission to put yourself first, how liberating!

When I grow up I want to have the attitude of Helen Mirren and the confidence of Meryl Streep! I know they had a good head start but even so with the right mindset, a strong attitude and the inner confidence we too could make this stage of our life be our best!

Remember nervous and excited feel the same – feel the power, embrace your self, embrace your life and just do it!

Love Esther x