No one is average, ever!

Esther is an ‘average student’ who we expect will achieve ‘average grades’.

Personally on a one person mission to ensure that no one is ever described as ‘average’ ever!

We have been clearing out our over loaded loft and discovered my old secondary school reports. No surprises as my teachers reported me to be a happy, lively extremely chatty young lady who is often over opinionated especially in her Humanities class (I thought that this was the point to express your voice over injustice). My aim at school was to have a laugh with my friends and learn the Madonna dance moves, well why try for anything when average is your goal?

So Mrs Barber maybe your teaching style was average which reflected on my attitude?
Now to point fingers of blame would be easy and I have to remember it was the 80’s and our expectations were different but what bloody chance did I have of reaching for anything higher when you are informed by experts that there is no point in excelling just accept an average life all before I was 16 years old.

This average bar that I set myself lasted until my 40’s, something inside of me was screaming you can have more, it was hidden deep within and as I got older and unhappier the voice got louder and louder.

Now I don’t believe we should be telling our children, colleagues, friends and partners that everything they attempt is fabulous and they are wonderful but instead reframe ‘I believe you have the ability to achieve more’, with this maybe my early years would not have been filled with self doubt, who knows.

One thing that I truly believe is when you have trained your inner voice to be your friend and have the inner confidence and self belief then you are capable of creating the life you want to live.

Today my life is not average, I love my job giving people the tools to be happy and fulfilled, I Home School our son, I am filled with passion and on most days I feel excited about my life and I am soon moving onto my dream life, a cottage in the Cotswolds and p.s. Mrs Barber I don’t need Algebra to do it.

I believe we all have the potential to be outstanding in our own unique way, I believe that none of us are average and with the right encouragement and support we can achieve our dreams! These dreams do not have to be groundbreaking, life changing huge accomplishments but just a ‘I love me, I love my life and I am happy to live it’ there’s nothing average in that!

Everyone needs a non judgmental, confidential confident that will help you to believe in yourself, set your bar higher, set realistic achievable goals and hold you accountable.

I will be your biggest cheerleader because no one should ever be ‘average’!