Life Lessons

My 14 year old fell in love with this beauty back in August and let’s just say it wasn’t the cheapest in the shop. The owners offered him the opportunity to pay for the guitar in instalments and visit and play as often as he liked which fuelled his motivation.

Determined he has done horse poo picking for a friend for 5 horses everyday for over 2 months. It has reduced him to tears a few times and has blisters on his hands yet he has remained loyal with his goal in sight.

During this time I have witnessed my son grow into the man I know he will become. Life doesn’t come easy and you need goals, motivation and tenacity to grow in life. He remained loyal and kept to his word and was determined to pay every penny himself.

It was a memory making day when he paid off his last instalment and brought it home.

This guitar will be in his life forever and he will glow with confidence and the knowledge you can make it happen if you truly want it!

Oh yes and he is also recovering from ME/CFS.

This is how much poo a guitar costs, so proud.