Panic Attacks, no one is immune

Have you ever experienced a panic attack?

If the answer is no then congratulations that is fantastic news and I hope this blog means little to you but just as a gentle warning do not be fooled into thinking it couldn’t ever happen to you or anyone you care about.  You might think it’s all mind over matter, I am strong, ‘I can handle whatever life throws at me’ sadly our brains do not always agree, life has a funny way of tripping us up when we least expect it.

Redundancy, divorce, bereavement and even boredom are all instances where we are not necessarily in control of major things around us, there are influences forced upon us and they threaten our security whether it be financial, health, status, or our sense of achievement.  Sometimes it does not even seem logical such as public speaking, it can sneak up with little warning and whip that security rug from beneath.

If this happens to you then the first thing to recognise is that your brain is working and doing a good job, it is on your side, honestly, it is working to protect you and your internal panic button has gone into overdrive, it has just got confused and over sensitive and there is a solution to calm it down so you can be in control of it rather than it be in control of you.

As a Fusion Therapeutic Coach we are trained with the STOP method, with practical tools combined with a Guided Imagery session you can be armed with the ability to tune in, act and be in control again.  No over analysing, no medication and no months of dissecting your past experiences just simple life skills that will become your best friend now and for all future eventualities.

Suits the US tv programme is my go to escape and I was very pleased to see the formidable character Harvey Specter who seems to have it all especially a good tailor, a cool hot shot lawyer with some of the best one liner quotes I have ever heard whether you love or hate him is another matter you would want him on your side that’s for sure as his confidence appears unshakeable.

So when you have watched more hours than I can admit to the situation changes for Harvey and he is not in control of certain relationships, his security is threatened and he does not know how to manage as emotions are not necessarily black and white.  The panic attacks are superbly and realistically portrayed as they increase and escalate overtime.  I was not a fan of his therapist (but that is a whole other blog but the description of the panic attack was superb and shows no matter how confident and cool you are, no one is immune.

If you have experienced a panic attack you will know exactly how debilitating one can be.  I am aware of clients who have been hospitalised, extensive medical checks and thankfully left with a diagnosis of stress and come to me as their solution, they are pretty much left on their own.  I do hope this is changing and this is only my experience.

Although is this a blessing?  Is a mental diagnoses better or worse than a physical one?  Not one for being humble the lucky ones discover a good therapist, one who can clearly explain the why, educate and prepare the client with tools to manage, to master the fear.

FEAR is behind every panic attack, an insecure feeling ensures only one outcome, anxiety and if left alone can develop into a full panic attack where the fight or flight response goes into complete overdrive.  You are sitting still in your comfortable chair yet your internal organs are running the 100m in the Olympics, you feel physical pain you are disorientated and your logical brain is not even present.

With a few sessions my clients understand why they are experiencing a panic attack and high anxiety, they develop a plan of action, a resilience package and with my support to be in control of their emotions, their life and ultimately their happiness and success.

If there is a trauma that triggered panic attacks then please see my blog ‘Performing Magic with the Rewind Technique for PTSD’

We seem to be open about the problems, identifying them, analysing them and even thanks to Google very apt at self diagnosis but now I pledge that it is time to start talking about the solutions, where to go for help and what is the right help for you.

Have you thought about Coaching?   Different things for different people.  If you are a person who likes to be practical, talking about the past hurts is not your thing, you want solutions and fast, if you want to be in control then a Fusion Therapeutic Coach could be right choice for you.

You do not need to tolerate panic attacks, anxiety or depression.  Health and happiness is your birthright, claim it!

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