Proof is in the Pudding!

Before I could help my clients I had to help myself!

Definitely not my best photo but necessary if I am going to share with you my personal story and my relationship with anxiety.

This photo was taken in 2013, aged 40 years old, I was stressed juggling family life, career and everyday responsibilities. To everyone around me I was okay but inside anxiety was my daily companion, I was overwhelmed, overstretched and felt undervalued. I carried on regardless and then one day my physical body hit the breaks and said enough. When this photo was taken I was living in fear for my health, my future and my life.

Training as a Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach saved the day as I started to put into practice my new learnings. I was able to manage my anxiety so I could think logically and rationally, I was able to control my anger and fears. My confidence increased as I started to take control of my emotions and the direction of my life. All areas began to improve and I am pleased to report that to date my health has vastly improved.

This photo was taken in 2019, living in the Cotswolds with my horse, my dogs and helping others to control their anxiety, focus on their solutions and make the small or big life changes to enable them to thrive and be happy.

Focusing on the solutions not the problems!

Helping the world to be happier one person at a time.
Esther Limberg-Birks.fctc