Help for PTSD now available online!

Rewind Trauma Therapy for PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts, anxiety and panic attacks are all symptoms of PTSD.  You are probably still functioning to the outside world, you are okay but you cannot control the responses, the visions, the panic and the fear, it’s time for you to do more than just survive.

Causes of PTSD could be following a physical injury or witnessing an event that left you with trauma.  Whether you are a war veteran, an abused victim, a service worker or an office worker we can all be affected through no fault of our own.  This could be an event in your childhood or only a year ago and the memory just will not fade, it’s as vivid as if it is still happening now.

The Rewind Technique for Trauma Resolution stopping PTSD responses.  I have been so fortunate to witness my clients symptoms stop after just 1 or 2 sessions.

The most beneficial aspect is that we do not talk about the event in detail, there is no dissecting it or reliving the pain and emotions as you have probably done enough of that already.

Until recently I believed that the only way to offer this therapy was face to face with my client being in the same room.  I certainly had reservations about offering this service online.

Never have I been so pleased to be so wrong!

As a Fusion Therapeutic Coach I am fully qualified to help my clients with the Rewind Technique and regularly help my clients.  When I saw that there was an advertised training day with the man himself, the founder Dr David Muss, I signed up of course.

Seizing this opportunity was a great move as I learnt an even faster way of working, boosted my knowledge and the biggest revelation discovered that it is possible for me to help anyone in the world, wherever they are, as long as they have Internet.

Zoom, FaceTime, Skype?

We live in a modern, busy, fast paced world where thanks to modern technology and social media our location no longer impacts how we work, do business or keep up to date with our family and friends.

Why should Therapy be any different?

There have been clients who I have helped online with Coaching sessions and this has not stopped us from building a strong rapport, we soon forget that we have never actually met in person.  Whether it be FaceTime, Zoom or another method it is completely achievable to work in this way and successfully.  Some even prefer it.

Using case studies I put this into practice, an hours session, using a video call, the Rewind Technique.  I ecstatic to report that it is as successful as being in the same room.

The key is to work with the right therapist for you, regardless of the distance.

Do not let your location, work life, busy schedule or childcare dictate whether you get the support you so deserve.

A new found confidence that I can offer the Rewind Technique to anyone in the world.

Helping the world to be happier one person at a time!

“I met Esther when I was going through a very troubling time after I had fled a violent relationship, I was escaping not only physically but from the emotions, PTSD and horrors of it all, while trying to rebuild my life and move on. I had tried some therapies and they had helped me a little but with Esther’s encouragement, professionalism and genuine belief in her work made me give it a go.  
The ‘rewind’ sessions have proven to be a revelation! After each session, I have felt like I have moved on miles in my recovery. Some of them have been aimed at general wellbeing and self confidence, others have concentrated on specifics, such as PTSD and certain aspects of the abuse.
Esther is also very kind and intuitive, and is able to make me feel safe so I can trust her to help, which she does greatly. As I continue to make good progress to being the strong, independent person I always knew I could be, I know that she is there, holding my hand, ready to help if I ask”.


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