PTSD Trauma Resolution, Case Studies

Esther Limberg-Birks.fctc
Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach
Gym for the Mind

I am very proud and excited to be a IARTT Rewind Practitioner.

As a Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach I am already trained and qualified to help my clients overcome trauma using the Rewind Technique.

In November I seized the opportunity to attend a days training with the founder Dr David Muss.  During this training I learnt a new, faster way of helping my clients and now confident that this technique is safe to use remotely.  There are several choices Zoom, FaceTime to name a few.

As a named Practitioner I am named on the IARTT website, work with the support of Dr Muss and able to support charities.

If you are a war veteran then there is no charge for this service.

Rewind Technique Case Studies 2020

IES scores, client is asked to complete a check sheet of common symptoms of trauma.  Any IES score over 25 is considered trauma.

Female, 56 years old

Horse riding fall.
IES score 52

General anxiety escalated following a horse riding fall on her horse. Whilst out riding a car came around the corner too fast, nearly hit them. The horse spooked knocking her husband over, who was leading the horse on foot. My client fell and has been anxious since.

Horses are her therapy and they own two. This requires visiting them each day. The client reported that even visiting the field, her legs would start shaking, extreme anxiety and fear.

General anxiety had increased and that’s when decided to contact myself. We are working through the Fusion Therapeutic 5 sessions and have included the Rewind into session 2. Returning to enjoying horses was the main aim.

Was frustrated as wants to ride again and visit the horses but had become exhausted and was putting it off with excuses.

Did The Rewind on the incident and included ‘what ifs’.

2 weeks later
IES score 1

Client arrived beaming, smiling having just spent the day with horses.
Client has also signed up to do some training on working with horses in therapy.
We discussed whether this horse was the right one for her as we discussed her instincts. Client is currently looking for a more suitable horse for her.

Female, 51 years old.
Successful business owner.
Divorced 2 years ago violent and abusive now ex husband.

IES score 41

Received Counselling in the past.

Difficulty being with new partner, trusting and relaxing. Flashbacks, nightmares.
Wants to enjoy a healthy relationship and enjoy intimacy.
Found herself sharing and talking about her trauma but realises that she does not want to carry this forward into new relationships.
Aware that discussing past incidents with present partner caused them problems and he ended the relationship. Very upset about this relationship ending.

The Rewind on the first rape incident 15 years ago.
Did process 4 times each lasting under 3 minutes. The second time felt sick and light headed but agreed to continue.

2 weeks later
IES score 14

Much happier, relaxed, sleeping better and keen to start dating.
Accepted although disappointed about the recent relationship not lasting but is keen to not carry forward and share trauma with future partner.
Chatting on respectable dating website and is excited to start dating.

FaceTime session

Female, 29 years old, married 6 month old daughter, currently on maternity leave.

Received physical and emotional abuse as a child.
IES score 53

Kept the memories under control and locked away until daughter was born. Combination of being a mother and not working they constantly involuntary came back.

Not social, very protective over daughter. Would latch onto people especially husband. Not many friends.

The Rewind was done on the one incident that would come to mind the most often. Client was then aged 4 years old.

We did the Rewind 4 times, each lasting under 2 minutes. The fourth one the client opened eyes with a smile and looked instantly lighter.

3 weeks later
IES score 9

Client reported that they felt strange for a few day. After day 4 the client reported that they had an energy change. They had not worn make up for years but since this day has been waking up at 06.30am, showering, putting on make up and getting daughter ready. Going out being more social.

Feels refreshed, sleeping better, more energy. Daughter is in a good routine. Was a home bird but now getting out more.

TV programmes no longer trigger memories. Husband has spoken about the improvements and that the client would zone out when watching television.

Only now the client reported that they look back and see how bad they felt. That it was there all the time. They wanted help but was hesitant to go to the doctors. They reported that they were so pleased to have done the Rewind.

The client also wrote letter and burnt them to help them process other emotions and let go. They found this very helpful.

Talking about going back to degree studying or new job.

Male, 16 years old
Student studying for GCSE’s

IES score 57

Witnessed someone take their own life.

Involuntary thoughts. Pattern matching on television as all of a sudden noticing many trains. Also the blue coat that the person was wearing. If saw the same colour the memories would come back.

Rewind on the incident itself up until the client got the bus back to college and felt safe.

2 weeks later
IES score 20

Client reported that there were still triggers such as trains and the colour blue but recognised it and pushed the memory away. They felt more in control of the involuntary thoughts. Also that they did not recognise that they had trauma until doing the Rewind Technique and their responses had lowered.

PTSD Trauma Resolution