Success Stories

Elaine's Story

My acting skills had become Oscar worthy. I had the perfect job, relationship, new home. The stuff you dream of. People would say how envious of me they were. That they wished they could be as happy as I was. On the inside though I was crumbling, a nervous wreck ready to explode. I knew I couldn't keep up the act much longer. I knew I needed help.

I opened up to Esther in a way I thought I could never do with anyone. Instantly she made me feel so at ease. No judgment.  She worked through excersises to help me cope with my anxiety and years of built up emotions. I could finally breath again. Work with my feelings not against them. I still use Esther's techniques now! One of my favourites that really helped me was to write a letter, as short or as long as it's needs to be. Then destroy it. Letting go of the tension and the hurt. Able to move forward with a fresh outlook and not hold onto the past. Focus on the most important person, beautiful me.

Sometimes you are so bogged down with what you're going through that you just can't see a way out. Esther helped me to open my eyes to the wider world. I now see things in a completely different way. I put myself out there. Make clear decisions. I have taken back control of my life and become a strong woman again. 

I'm actually living my life! 

elaine gym for the mind
elaine gym for the mind


I travelled the east coast of Australia by myself! This was my biggest turning point. The place that I had only visualised working with Esther. The place I went to in my meditations, that took pride of place in my vision board so that it was the first thing I saw each morning. I made it happen. And I loved it so much that I'm planning on going back for a road trip with one of the girls I met when I was out there.

My mantra since working with Esther has been 'working on myself, for myself'. Everything I now do reflects this.

Without Esther I would never be the girl I am today. I'm taking on the world and I have no fear! Nothing can stop me.

It's never too late to put yourself first. To make changes for the better and live the life you love! And Esther will be there with you every step of the way.

Esther, I can't thank you enough for the transformation you have helped me make.   

I'm now excited for all the challenges life brings in the knowing that I can embrace it with open arms. 

Sharon's Story

Last year I was going through some significant changes in my life. Struggling to cope with the stress & not knowing what to do next. I knew that I needed help to prevent this causing tremedious damage to my health & state of mind. I approached Esther as she has a calm & welcoming nature. Esther provided me with techniques to cope with the stresses. Enabling me to see clearer, focus & plan for what I wanted to achieve for the future. I feel I have come along way, achieving some goals set, gaining more confidence & self belief. Using the techniques I am able to cope with what life throws my way! 

I highly recommend Gym For The Mind


Chrissy's Story

Esther is a fantastic  coach, very approachable and friendly full of lots of great advice and very easy to talk to. 

I saw Esther over a period of a few months and felt really empowered with our meetings which helped me gain balance in myself, grounded me and gave me tools I could use to help me stay focused and on the right path to achieving my goals.

I really enjoyed my time with her and found the coaching to be extremely beneficial and still use techniques she taught me then today, I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone that needs a guiding hand and support to get through to the next stage they want to reach in their life, on a personnal or professional level



Evodia's Story

I was ready and without hesitation to move my entire life abroad. I truly believe that if the work hadn’t been done prior and if I hadn’t started taking the steps towards change I would have thought twice about moving abroad!

To the outside world life was looking good but for Evodia something was missing.  Evodia was desperate to change her work life as excessive amounts of time and energy were being spent there and it had become a priority to make a change to enable Evodia to be truly happy.

Evodia’s inner confidence, strength and optimism grew with each session and the transformation was soon evident as others started to notice.

Once the sessions started Evodia soon realised that there were other areas of her life that were open to change and the sessions allowed Evodia to step away and look at her life objectively and make some adjustments.  Evodia soon recognised her strengths and positive qualities which opened her to opportunities - then a change is most certainly what happened!

When after a few weeks Evodia shared the news of a fantastic opportunity to work and live in Kenya.  Evodia went through the process with self belief, confidence, logic and the tools to remain in control.  Within a matter of weeks Evodia boarded a plane heading to a new home, job and life in Kenya.

No doubt this is just one very exciting chapter in Evodia's life story but with the inner belief and the life skills learnt in the sessions to manage in crazy times this is only the beginning.

“The sessions have been invaluable to me and I’ve seen the changes when I've applied the practice and so far…….so good”


Candice's Story

There is so much pressure now-a-days to multitask and to be perfect at everything, especially if you are a woman!  You have to juggle, home, kids, work, shopping, family, animals, diets...the list goes on! And sometimes its just too hard to keep all these balls up in the air, and some you end up dropping!

I came to see Esther not for any one specific reason apart from that I knew I was juggling too many balls and it wasn't going to be long before I dropped one, or actually launched them out of a window!

During my sessions with Esther she allowed me to stop juggling and have some 'me' time, to talk about 'me' and what I like, what I don't like, what I want to change but thought I couldn't and what I didn't want to change but realised I had to!

It's a rare and a very special thing to be able to give yourself some time where you can hide away from the rest of the world and let it all out and...........breathe, knowing you are in a safe place and nothing will leave the room apart from a bouncy new you!

I still have all these balls to juggle because that is real life, but they no longer seem so big, they are no longer spinning around making me dizzy and I AM IN CONTROL of them all!

Thank you Esther! xxxx


Lerato's Story

Lerato is evidence of how powerful the mind is and what you focus on is what you get!  When Lerato declared back in January that the goal was to be in a new job by September that is exactly what was achieved...

"When I first went to Esther in Jan 2015, I was feeling stuck, battling an over-thinking mind with a bubbling feeling of seeking change in my life but with no clue where to really begin. To sum it up I was in a state of “ok-ness” but craving a life tons better than the average and unfulfilling “ok”.

After a few sessions I saw my life with absolute clarity and with Esther’s guidance I began to take the practical steps towards the life I wanted to live.  The practical skills I learned in our sessions together have helped me thrive and harness the very best from my life in a very short space of time.

One of my goals that I set during our coaching sessions was “Be in a new job by September 2015” and then I am so glad to share that I have since secured a promotion starting on the 1st September!

Furthermore I will be moving 80 miles north from where I currently live in order to make the most of this career and life change opportunity. I am super excited about what lies ahead and grateful for the personal growth journey so far.

I walk into this new chapter empowered, more confident, lighter, braver and the happiest I have been in many years.

With a little more time and practise the over-thinking has been replaced with more mindfulness and positive affirmations which have helped me feel calm, controlled and empowered during life’s challenging situations and as a result I appreciate more moments of my life than ever before.

Esther helped me “tool up” for life, and what a fabulous and happy life it is now".



Earlier this year, I found myself at a point in my life where I was very happy with almost all aspects of my life, except work. It doesn’t sound like much in comparison and most people may say ‘you’re lucky you’re only unhappy with one aspect!’ And a year ago I might have thought the same way. However when you spend so much time at work it can have a huge impact on your health and wellbeing; I was feeling physically sick on my drive to work each day thinking of what the day may bring. It was awful.

I had an operation in June and it sounds silly to say but I was really looking forward to it and it was the only thing keeping me going at the time, knowing I would be able to take some time off work to recover! It was while I was off that I realised I couldn’t carry on like this and something had to change. This is where the lovely Esther comes in…

Esther is a very good friend of mine, and when she came to visit me post-op, we touched on how I was feeling and she said she thought she could help me. I must admit I was slightly sceptical to begin with, thinking if it’s that easy, why haven’t I been able to make the changes myself?
Esther was very patient with me and gently delved deeper into my feelings, values, aspirations & dreams until I was, for the first time able to have some clarity and see what I did and didn’t want in my working life. Esther gave me the confidence to put a stake in the ground and make the changes I so desperately needed for the sake of my health and the happiness of my family. I am very happy to say I have just started a new job which is far less stressful but still fulfilling and allows me to regain the all-important work/life balance that had been missing for too long. The skills she’s taught me, means I can now take care of myself more and self-manage any difficult situations that may arise, regaining a sense of calm when I need it most.

Without Esther’s help and support I know I would still be in a very unhappy place and I feel that life is just too short to be unhappy. I can’t thank Esther enough; she’s really helped me change my life for the better. To anyone who is feeling how I used to feel, about anything in their life…get in touch with Esther and take the first step. I am so confident you’ll not regret it.
Thanks again Esther xxxx



When my friend at work first suggested I go and talk to someone, a friend about my stress levels. It honestly freaked me out more because it made me realise I needed help. I was struggling with the promise of redundancy because my job was moving to another location two hours away from my home and life. I'd become so comfortable in my role, the redundancy threw me out of my comfort zone.

My friend gave me Esther's business card which I took because I knew I needed help. From the moment I emailed Esther she put me at ease, she set times that would work around my job and arranged my first appointment as soon as possible.

She gave me a place to understand my stress and grief of loosing my job and how to use what I had to move forward. The tools that Esther gave me during our time has and no doubt will continue to help me for a long time. I know I don't need Esther's guidance anymore but if I do she'll be there.

I grew from those sessions and believed in myself more. She helped me through the entire process of loosing my job and moving forward. By using the what I'd learnt I went straight to a new job and was able to manage the new stresses and be grateful for what I have. I cannot recommend Esther enough. She gave me the tools to bring myself back and make myself stronger."

Heide, mum of 16 year old client 

I thought it would be good to start doing a monthly recommendation. I will only recommend people whom I have dealt with, so will know from my own personal experience.

As a therapist, and other therapists will absolutely agree with this, I wholeheartedly believe the therapy I do to be the best. I know it to be true. However, I have found my children not to want to use my therapy - cause it is 'Mum' or 'Mum's thing' - and I completely respect that and will continue to do so. So I was in a dilemma, my child had anxiety (exam year), trusting someone else with your child's emotional wellbeing and it NOT being your therapy.

I am blessed....a chance meeting I met the lovely Esther Limberg-Birks. My daughter had only 5 sessions with her (however she wanted more cause she loved seeing and chatting with her), and used the techniques to support herself and continues to do so. She said it was like 'having another auntie you could talk too'. You see Esther Limberg-Birks said it is about now and the future; and gave her to life skills (or tools) to help make the right decisions for herself. Isn't that wonderful? You see I love my daughter with all of my heart and I only want the absolute best for her.

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