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Mental Health Coaching a new approach to Emotional Resilience

What to expect at Gym for the Mind Clients often contact me reporting feeling overwhelmed with worry, overthinking, feeling out of control of their emotions, often deflated and completely exhausted. This is not long term therapy, this is not focusing on your past or dissecting unhappy memories.  This is about you finding your solutions and…

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What is PTSD and how do I know if I have it?

Has trauma become your new normal? In my experience many people become accustomed to their trauma quite quickly after an event and PTSD becomes a new normal, a daily companion.  This is a survival tactic and your brain has your best interest at heart, honest. When we hear of PTSD we immediately think of the…

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PTSD Trauma Resolution, Case Studies

Esther Limberg-Birks.fctc Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach Gym for the Mind I am very proud and excited to be a IARTT Rewind Practitioner. As a Fusion Therapeutic Life Coach I am already trained and qualified to help my clients overcome trauma using the Rewind Technique. In November I seized the opportunity to attend a days training…

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